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Thread: Lapping scope rings

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    Lapping scope rings

    I have a set of 30mm TPS rings had for years , were on rifle for years with scope , fitted by very good smith, had a couple scopes in them but marked one , could have been me over tightening . I change to QR rings and gave to. A pal who know his onions with engineering and bearing fit etc .... He was away use them but reckons they are quite rough internally And didn't like feel of them screwing down so stopped .
    Anyone here lapped your scope rings before ?
    Did it make a difference ?


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    It makes a difference to people who sell 'scope ring lapping kits. I think it is like lapping in bolts and etc.. That again you can buy kits to do. It is maybe X per cent useful and X per cent marketing. Crowning a muzzle, yes, lapping rings or bolts?

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    Just that I know have a set of sturdy rings ( all be it spares) that may be handy at some point but not if they are going to mark scopes ...

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    I have lapped rings in the past, done properly it will at the very least mean you no longer mark scopes.
    On heavily recoiling calibers it will also give the rings a fair chance of holding a heavy scope securely.


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    Dont bother buy Burris Zee signature rings, gets arround all the problems of marking scope tube and resolves ring misallignment issues.

    Fantastic bits of kit.


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    I can only reiterate #5 - Burris Signature Zee Rings - does away with fettling around and can be used on another rifle/scope without any concern.


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