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Thread: DMQ level 2 registration cost

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    DMQ level 2 registration cost

    Is there any variation in the cost to register for level 2 between the different providers or is it a flat fee?

    Any steer on the difference in service between those involved?


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    I'm pretty sure its level across the board. Around 120 IIRC.

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    The DMQ cost is the same regardless of Assessment Center:

    What does it cost?

    This depends in part on which Assessment Centre you register with - the centres will advise. The DMQ element of any registration fees is the same for all Centres and covers only administration costs. Depending on your circumstances you may have to pay for stalking, witness fees, or both. Any such fees are paid to the provider, there is no DMQ charge. It is up to you to find out what different people charge and decide what suits you.
    DMQ - FAQ about DSC1 and DSC2

    Each Assessment Center then charges their own fee on top - some are cheaper than others so check their website for details, for example:

    BASC is 110:
    Barony is 110: Deer Stalking Certificate Level 2 - SRUC
    BDS is 120: DSC2

    Other Assessment Centers are available....
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    Thanks gents. The AW I was intending to use suggested basc or barony so I'll crack on and get registered.


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    As per the second part of my query. Any comments on differences in turn around times and how quickly things are processed by the different providers?


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    FWIW I've just completed mine with BASC, no complaints about their efficiency. Can't speak for the others though.

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    I have heard there have been some large delays with BASC due to illness of one of the verifiers?

    Never had a problem with North Highland College. Always been very thorough and very swift

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    I'd be interested in any other info on actual delays as that was the direction I was leaning in. Will go with barony otherwise.


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