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Thread: side parallax

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    side parallax

    Hey everyone.

    Just about to get a new scope for my rifle and been looking at some Vortex as I've seen a few and think there pretty good for the price.

    just wondering peoples opinion on side parallax.. i know what its for, just wondering if people prefer to use it or not ?

    I have them on my rimfire's and my 30-06 at the moment.. but whats the general opinion on here for there use on deer rifles ?


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    It's normally something you remember you have just after you've taken a shot! I have two z6i's, the 3-18x50 has it and I just can't get used to using it! It gets set on 100m and never really moves. The 2-12x50 doesn't have it and seems to work just fine. It can be used as a crude rangefinder but I carry one of those anyway. My advice for a deer rifle would be to get a 3-12x50 and not bother with parallax.

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    It is really used if you are doing long distance shooting where parallax really can make a difference I believe. As MS says set it at 100 and leave well alone. You shouldn't need to change anything out to 150/200 yards.
    I do have it but that is because I need it for the night vision.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    It gets set on 100m and never really moves.
    same as mine.

    it is worth pointing out that nv add ons behind the scope need parallax.

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    thanks but i don't think i will be using my 30-06 with night vision. I will use my 243 for that.. which has parallax.

    I think i will get one without side parallax and use the money saved not having that option and upgrade the model.

    I take it people here rate the Vortex scopes ?

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    Vital on a high mag scope. Normally leave set on about 150 yds, can be a real pain lamping at night so if I did a lot on a lamp would choose non PA scope.

    On my zeiss at high mag its so precise and pin sharp picture and I use it with no issues at all. Not recommended if you have to take a shot rapidly or the range to target is changing. Side PA is easier I note the new Kahles has the PA on the Right side of the saddle. Two of my scopes are fromt pa and no problems with that and much bigger degree of control.


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    Parallax adjustment is needed on variable power scopes at magnifications over 10x, ranges beyond 400 yards, or up close, like 10 to 100 yard airgun and .22 LR match shooting. You will see them on bench rest rifles, but for hunting with a fixed power or a variable power like a 3-9x or even a good 4-12x, I can tell no need for them - just more twiddling. I full disclosure, I have used my 4-12x40AO with fine crosshair on a rimfire for long range hunting, and on my other rifles for load work up.

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    I miss a parallax adjustment on my 3-12x50 S&B zenith, at longer ranges it is not as crisp as my 6.5-20x50 zeiss conquests or 624i. Mostly it is not so important but for the odd precise shot also on deer I notices it.

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    ok thanks guys for the info.. on that note i think i will just get a Parellax adjustable scope, bung it on 150 ish and leave it there at least when the time comes that i might need it.. its there to be adjusted.

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    Frankly on a stalking rifle you are fine with a scope with a fixed parallax. Simpler the better. I found most of the time my scope stays on a magnification just short of maximum too. The idea of Stalking is to move up on a target to within 100-150 meters. Lots of challenges to doing this and taking a good shot but parallax on your optics aren't really one of them

    Even Foxing a scope will mostly be left on one parallax setting. Can't imagine faffing with the controls with my scope full of Charlie!

    Night Vision add ins like Starlight Archer need a variable parallax.

    Parallax in target shooting at longer ranges becomes critical where small movements of your head make the image of your target move. Longer the distance more of this apparent movement and more magnification you will probably want.
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