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Thread: Sika wallow

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    Sika wallow

    Hi guys and gals

    there are some sika wallows on my ground near the borders.
    Is there a preferred time the sika visit AM or PM?

    is it just the males that use them?

    as there are several wallows within 200m will it be just one dominate male or younger bucks using these as well?


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    I have found that these wallows while opened primarly by the master stag are as you mention used by quite a few other smaller non dominate stags, the hinds may pass by them but as yet I have not seen a hind use a wallow, a stag may visit a wallow at any time of day or night and I think it would pay to spend some time just watching them, their presence tells you at least there are animals in the near vicinity, mind you I find there are no hard fast rules involving sika and they just seem to do what they want, and at a time known only to themselves, enjoy and safe hunting.....


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    I put a camera on a wallow in the highlands and two different sika stags used it, one mature and a staggie. They used it at dusk and night until the rut was in full swing (I assume) and then sometimes in the day.
    I haven't heard of hinds using wallows.

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    Now they are encouraging answers.

    I have trail cams there as we speak so hopefuly some good pics to come.

    I know the first wallow has only been used for the first time 11 days ago, was this the first sign of the rut starting?
    how long about will the wallows be used for?
    Will the sika meat be tarnished by the rut?


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    I certainly wouldn't be eating the meat from any rutting stag. An indicator from a rutting Sika stag would be a slight pinky colour on the under skin and some will also show signs of milky tears.
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