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Thread: Wild Horizon Management Hunts 2016

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    Wild Horizon Management Hunts 2016

    Wild Horizon will be offering a number of Management Hunts on our various concession for 2016 and we will post the details over the next few days.
    The first offer is on Bultfontein which is 5000 acres and extremely remote and rugged with plenty of Game (those who have been there will know!) and is as follows:

    7 Days
    6 x Blesbuck
    2 x Wildebeest
    1 x Springbok

    GBP 1790.00 per hunter for the package.

    The above includes: Cull animals as per list, transfers from and to East London airport, 4x4 vehicle for safari,Professional Hunter, Tracker, Skinners, Rifle use where required,accommodation and meals, South African beverages, laundry etc. This does not include airfares,items of personal hygiene or medication or medical insurance.It is required that adequate travel medical insurance is obtained by each participant.

    Contact guy@wildhorizon with any queries.

    Details of our other options will be posted shortly.
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    Hope your looking at this Egis ...
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    I've been to Bultfontein with Guy and hunted there 3 times, that's a great offer on an area with lots of game and a comfortable lodge, both Clint and Guy are great hosts and Pro Hunters, and are avid bow hunters as well. I'm definitely going back next year seeing that price!!! Anyone out there want to make up the numbers, send me a p.m. deerwarden

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    That's great looking deal Guy! I'll be booking a hunt with you again in 2016. Had a great time last year at Sweetlands and I'd love to hunt over your concession at Bultfontein. Regards to Cliff.
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    More temptation.....must resist....

    Heard good things about Bultfontein, good price for what sounds to be a great trip.

    Looks like our trip to Sharm is off next week, wonder if the wife can be persuaded to go hunting instead of diving.........

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    Hi Deerwarden,

    Let me know if you have any dates in mind for Bultfontein. I might well be able to join you in 2016.
    If God didn't want us to have guns, he wouldn't have given us trigger fingers!

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    Hi Mike, don't have any dates at present as I'm having a knee joint replacement soon, but will definitely go and more than happy to join up with you, you could go for the African Macnab as Clint has now done it, and other members on here as well, how many of you out there have done it. What dates did you have in mind yourself. kind regards John.

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