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Thread: Ruger M77 VT .234 with short barrel?

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    Ruger M77 VT .234 with short barrel?

    I am looking for a heavier varmint style roe deer rifle for longer range shooting (max about 220 metres).

    I find my .308 Sauer 202 Highland to light in weight for this job (and do not want to change to lighter ammo because of boar hunting) and the .223 calibre of my Remington 700 SPS Tactical is not ideal for these sort of ranges. That is why I am looking for a simple varmint style rifle in .243 and at the local shop there is a nice seconhand Ruger M77 VT in .243 but is has a short barrel (about 20 inch). Would it be a good choice or should I look further for a .243 with a longer barrel? Because I use the rifle mostly from car or high seat the short barrel is tempting.....

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    If it's cheap then it should be ideal. 20" barrel in a .243 you won't see any difference in the ranges you're shooting at.


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