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Thread: Big medal heads.

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    Big medal heads.

    Unfortunately they weren't shot by me or one of my clients, but I'm sure some of you guys would like a look at a pair of very nice medals shot in the kingdom of Fife this week.

    The volume on the bottom head has to be seen to be believed!


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    They are fantastic Mark, no chance of that sort of class in Norfolk Im sorry to say

    Thanks for taking the time to post them


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    3 Swedish Gold Medal Roe.

    Bottom left, shot 1976, 200.7 C.I.C Points.
    Centre top, shot 1982, 246.9 C.I.C. Points.
    Botttom right, shot 1973, 193.6 C.I.C. Points.

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    hi mark, do you know what the weight and volume are at the moment.

    cheers dave

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    Those are some nice heads there mate
    Good luck with the measure

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    They are some truely amazing heads!


    I believe the bottom one is sitting just under 800g at the moment, not sure about the other.
    Unfortunately they won't be staying in the UK for measurement.

    They were both shot by a LADY stalker!!

    Come on guys, lets see some pictures of any gold medal bucks you've got!


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    impresive heads mark, you've already seen the 1 i got this season.


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    very impressive heads mark thanks for sharing

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