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    hand guns

    I read american forums sometimes and i see on one of the contributors pages the tag line of " gun control gives a 120 lb woman the right to fist fight with a 220lb rapist"

    If it was lawful to own a pistol for self defence in this country i would in a flash.

    the government have legislated only against law abiding citizens.


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    I totally agree, we used to have the right to carry our guns at one time here swampy
    a little known fact that is actually our constitutional right which is known and was ignored by the government of the day and later by two face tony and his crew...

    As a community we have stood bye and done little or nothing when they took away our semi auto rifles then our pistols trying to remain respectfully silent due to the nature and loss off life shocked us all...however if we had been much more vocal and stood up maybe we would not be where we are now.. but that's all moot now, who has them now bloody criminals..
    The decent police have your hands tied with the real serious crims carrying blatently flaunting the law, and the soft targets like country folk carrying a knife to cut open hay bales are targetted cautioned and get their guns taken off them this happened to a local guy couple of weeks ago..
    I think that everyone is frightened to stand up and say no more in case it affects them personally.. and who can blame people the guys behind the fuel protest have been systematically targetted ..

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    Its George Orwells 1984. Control of the masses through a Government sponsored media. The myth of free speech in this country and a war with Asia to keep us all believing in a victory we will never see.

    Three predictions:-
    1.20 a litre for petrol before Christmas,
    More laws that target the innocent,
    The Government dropping completely the charade that they are working on our behalf and just going ahead making new polices without our consent.

    Oops that's me off to the Eastern Front!

    They will reap what they sow but at what cost?

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    control of the media

    Last week on the tv the americans revealled that Osama bin Laden had been making speeches.... targetting europe.

    It is ******** (in my opinion) I think he has been dead for years. but the americans and our government wheel him out like the bogey man to give us a scaring to justify thier oil wars.

    Some people believe what they read in the papers. It is all spun and manipulated to achieve the political goals that the editors chosen allegiance is pushing.

    We are involved in a hugely successful crime reduction campaign by treating drug users and drug testing orders. this has reduced crime by over 40%. however it is quite expensive although far less expensive than dealing with the crimes these people commit. last month there was a "leak" stating that this was an unsuccessful strategy..... this week we were told there was a review of funding.......

    Not the last general election but the one before the home office gave us some new counting rules...... offences that previously might have been recorded as attempted house burglaries were recorded as criminal damage. some that might have been called attempt theft from motor vehicle were recorded as criminal damage.... i was watching the tv one night and a prty political broadcast by the labour party came on saying "house burglary down 21% and car crime down 17%" All of a sudden it became clear.

    big brother watches from every street corner.

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    just to clarify

    just so you guys don't get the wrong end of the stick. I fully support our guys in all of the theatres they are fighting in.

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    Same here Swampy. I just don't like seeing broken Soldiers, Sailors Airmen and Police being ignored by the Government and newspapers, but the likes of 'Amy Whinninghouse' being praised by Gordon Brown for being a 'Mis understood genius' and getting on every front page! Fighting for the country 'bad' being a druggie 'good'.

    This country sucks!

    And don't get me started on the Beckhams!

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    Steve, I 'll make you a deal I wont wind you up about the Beckhams and you do not mention this shower of bankers (is that the word?) that we have as a Government. Swampy, every Government plays the numbers game, well, certainly from 1970 to my knowledge, but none quite so blatantly as this mob.

    I liked the bit on the news the other day, apparently penned by a senior minister.

    Yesterday upon the stair,
    I saw a man who wasn't Blair,
    I saw that man again today,
    I wish that man would go away

    and take his bloody mates with him!!!


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    Hi Guys and Gals.
    Welcome to the present.
    Peace Envoy Blair, That's a good one! especially for him! One Mill a year.
    Good old Gordy saying be proud and wear your uniform openly! Not bad for someone who works and lives under constant protection! Soon to get one Mill a year
    Finally good old Dave Cam, actually thinks his life bears any resemblance to normality and believes we want to see him at home wiv his trouble and strife and kids. Already on one Mill a year.
    I am so pleased their lives are the same as ours.
    I could go on but even I have become bored, I wonder what its really like in Spain or France? By God that's Europe.
    The mistake we all make is thinking the politicians actually give a ****, well they do sometimes but only about increasing the size of their trough and making sure they are up to their necks in It!

    It will probably get worse!

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    Re: hand guns

    Quote Originally Posted by swampy
    I read american forums sometimes and i see on one of the contributors pages the tag line of " gun control gives a 120 lb woman the right to fist fight with a 220lb rapist"

    If it was lawful to own a pistol for self defence in this country i would in a flash.

    the government have legislated only against law abiding citizens.

    Hello Steve

    They also have one of the highest murder rates in the world, certainly the highest in any 1st world country. There is some data around that suggests that some US citizen gets shot every 27mins. They also have the highest accidental death rate involving the mis-use of firearms.

    A high proportion of police officers shot are shot with their own weapons. Whilst you might be happy to have to carry a firearm everyday whilst on and off duty, how many of your colleagues are so willing?

    With every personal freedom comes a cost to society as a whole. I'm more than happy that we are denied the freedom to own revolvers and pistols. As I see them fore filling no practical purpose in a modern society.The numbers inconvenienced by their loss following Hungerford a and Dunblaine are insignificant when stacked alongside those upon who their loss made no impact what so ever.

    However I would like to see those convicted of possession treated less leniently.

    Laws have only ever impacted upon the law abiding, firearms laws are no different they just impact upon a smaller proportion of the population.

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