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Thread: Case holder for Drill / Scotchbrite - 22-250 & 270Win

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    Case holder for Drill / Scotchbrite - 22-250 & 270Win

    Probably a dumb question.

    I need to find a product that will hold my 22-250 and 270Win cases in my drill without damaging them or me. Drill is a cordless 18v DeWalt.

    I have been trawling through the Lee Precision website looking for case holder I can put in my drill and give my brass cases a quick polish with scotchbrite. I do not have any Lee reloading gear to cannabalise.

    All I can find is this, but it does not look like a good solution.

    Lee Precision Universal Standard Shell Holder - R2


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    I cant recall its' exact name but Lee do a shell-holder with hex shaft for that exact purpose when using the case length trimmer. It is in their catalogue.

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    Thanks for that. Jaw Chuck bits ordered

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