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Thread: Falkland Islands

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    Falkland Islands

    Just accepted a job in the Falkland Islands so will be off out there in the new year.
    Any of you guys got any experience of living in Stanley or more importantly the fishing and maybe shooting?

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    There's work in the Falklands ???

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    for the lucky few!

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    The sea trout fishing is said to be great, there must be foxes there as I know a guy who sent two terriers out there about 25 years ago, they were good terriers mind you......might not be many foxes left!!

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    Would seem so, with a decent package to.

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    Doing what ? Just curious, didn't think they did much apart from survive out there.

    But it's something I've never really looked in to, must admit.

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    There is some clay shooting and a rifle range around Stanley.
    The wild trout fishing I've been told by fishermen is fantastic and the new year will put you in the prime time in the season there is a license required and permission to get access.
    there is quite a good tourism dept there so get in touch and they might be able to give you some contacts.
    make sure that you have a good camera as the wildlife is amazing.

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    Hi Seatrout great, don't know about now but you used to be restricted about access to some parts that was 15 year ago.

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    The sea trout fishing does look great, the rods are definatley getting packed.

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