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Thread: Flask Drinks?

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    Flask Drinks?

    Does anyone use freeze dried tea in a flask?
    I don't like coffee, I tried the sachets of instant hot chocolate"options" I think, bloody lovely they were, had three sachets one day but being lactose intolerant.......well, I could crap threw a key hole from 30yds!!! Bovril is getting a bit boring. Is the dried tea any good? Is it better to have just the water in the flask and add the tea? Is there lactose free dried chocolate drinks anyone uses? not had much luck looking on the interweb, the fruit tea bags all smell great but taste of bugger all!

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    Black earl grey tea. A bit more drinkable than breakfast tea without milk...

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    flask of hot water and peppermint teabags, surprisingly good

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    When I was a lad in cadets the Army ration packs used to come with a tiny sachet of "vegetable stock drink" and it was lovely. I don't know where to find it elsewhere though.
    I do love instant coffee that's been in a flask for a while though. It seems to age well. Or maybe I'm just always knackered by the time I crack it open and it's all in my head!
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    Soup of some sort if you want to warm up. I didn't think it was possible to make proper tea unless the water was boiling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTO View Post
    Soup of some sort if you want to warm up. I didn't think it was possible to make proper tea unless the water was boiling.
    If you drinking from a flask then proper anything doesn't come into it, unless you carry fine bone china cups and saucers as well! My sister in law always carries a teabag and a flask, fresh overrides boiling for her.

    I always make a flask of double strength black coffee…I don't count "instant" as coffee…The double strength is because if I am out and about or on site with no drink making facilities I am also liable not to have any peeing facilities either. So I get my caffein buzz without the concomitant bulk liquid to get rid of. I make it black because I do not like stewed milk flavour.

    You can buy bouillon cubes or powder from a whole food shop to make a drinkable soup. I prefer to mix in the mug since tainting the lining of a plastic lined flask pre stainless steel flask days.

    Sorry I haven't tried the freeze dried tea, but then I don't rate freeze dried coffee either.


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    Flask of hot water for me, tea bags and little bottle of milk is all I take with me for shorter trips.
    All day or night then I take a stove and the makings.


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    I weaned myself off caffeine years ago, just one cup of tea in the morning, and no need for booze in the evening to get to sleep.

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    Cambells tomato soup boiled then topped of in the flask with microwaved full fat milk, shake well when closed,

    3 hours later still hot enough to take the skin of your mouth,

    dunking strips of bread are a bonus,

    Mmmmm priceless

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    Instant Miso soup


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