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    Was out to-night after sika the light is fading fast and am using the call a rather rough sound made by my own voice which sounds rough enough lol, however we had a stag reply quickly at some distance form us very exciting stuff, I returned the same and was again met with a reply this goes on for a few mins or so and the sound of his call getting closer all the time, our position is on the edge of an open field some 200 yards from thick broadleaved plantation then I can see him come in running like something possessed up to and over the fence and into our field still he runs looking for the intruder he's now 50 meters away and looks real mad we shout to stop him quickly the 308 ends his charge it all happened so fast now I have shot a few sika in my time and have had some good results callin them in but up until now I have only had stags sneakin in trying to wind see/me this fellow was on a mission brilliant experience I can say, no matter when you go out every evening has the potential to be something very special and this was for sure one of those occasions phew!! :-)
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    Yip,sneaking in is the usual method of approach, turn round and they can be on you. Bet the heart was pumping none the less.


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