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Thread: Vortex scopes

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    Vortex scopes

    Hi all,
    Had rather a large mishap recently with my second hand bushnell scope and have decided to replace it with a new scope when I've got the funds. Early Christmas present to myself.
    I'm looking at the Vortex range, as nobody has a bad word to say about them and the common theme seems to be "better than anything else for the same money"
    The Crossfire II was my first choice, it's the cheapest range but comes in 3-9x50 which I like and has an illuminated centre dot. I've not used that type before but I've been told by a few people that once you've had it you don't want to be without it.
    The Diamondback range is slightly more expensive, but doesn't come with illumination.
    The Viper range is at least twice the price and still doesn't come with illumination.
    I expect that all of them are better than my bushnell (which wasn't bad, but didn't wow me either).
    So, does anybody have experience of any or all of the above? I'm working to a budget of as little as possible but if I can gain significantly by spending 300-odd (bottom of viper range) as opposed to 160 (Crossfire II with illuminated ret) then I could perhaps stretch.
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    I have two Viper 6.5-20x50s and have a mate with 7!!! Great scopes with a fantastic warranty.
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    Can be an issue finding what you want in stock in the UK so don't set your heart on something before you know you can actually get one.

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    My son has a viper and they are very good glass for the money and brilliant warranty. There does seem to be supply issues at present.


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    I have two Viper PST scopes.
    can't fault them. I haven't tried the cheaper ranges.

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    I have a Diamondback , it's a really good scope , no complaints . Vortex optics have become very popular out here over the last few years . They have an excellent warranty program as well . A friend of mine bent the objective bell on his when he rolled his quad , long story , they replaced the scope with no questions asked and free of charge . In my book , that's great value .


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    Simple Simon i am in the same boat as you looking at the same scopes. My friend in Canada rates them very highly, he regularly shoots high mountain elk etc and rates them just as good as a leupold he once had. and the life time no questions asked warranty.. well thats worth a lot for peace of mind.

    iv been looking at there youtube page.. great videos and product films.
    its good to see in detail the features of all the scopes.. a big thing for me was a return to zero function that didn't involve a tall turret.. which the crossfire has. the only issue is i want a side parallax instead of front, but i suppose thats not a deal breaker.

    Also for anyone else.. they have a fantastic detailed bullet drop program for factory and custom loads.. even takes into account your location altitude of your shoot..
    video about it here.

    but after a lot of research I'm pretty much sold on Vortex.

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    It is worth the small jump in price from Crossfire to Diamondback in a hunting scope, but the jump to the larger, heavier Viper line is a lot more money. You have to ask whether you really need that, or if it is just a wanting something higher, regardless of how it fills your requirements. I just bought a Diamondback 4-12x40mm with BDC reticle because I stumbled upon it at about 1/2 price. I had put it on a .30-06 and shot it on one trip to the range in nice weather. I really like what all it gives me in a small enough package.

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    Southern I'm looking to put one on a 30-06 as well, does it hold up to recoil fine?

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    I have only shot about 60 rounds of .30-06 through the Vortex Dback 4-12x40 one day, on a new ( to me ) rifle, to see how it shot with some factory loads, USGI ammo ( I have several 1,000 rounds), and with handloads which work in other rifles. This is a heavy 1885 single shot, so recoil is not bad, and a thousand rounds short of testing durability. I don't expect it to fail.

    I friend of mine has been shooting a Vortex 3-9x40 Diamondback on his 8x57 Yugo M48 Mauser for eight years and thousands of rounds, without having to touch the knobs.

    Maybe I am lucky, but I have shot old Japanese Tasco scopes, old Weavers, Lymans, and Leupolds on my rifles for years without a problem. My T3 Lite .30-06 wears a Burris 3-9x40 and I shot it a lot before selling it to a friend who has shot it a lot. None of my Burris or Redfield scopes have failed. I have a Lyman on a 1903A4 sniper rifle from WWII and Korea, and Redfield on a 1903A3 which had a lot of rounds down the tube in Vietnam. I still hunt with a former German sniper rifle with a Zeiss 6x on it that is sharp as a tack.

    You are most likely to damage a scope by dropping the rifle. Even if it falls just a few feet and lands on a soft recoil pad, that is a lot of Gs. On a solid butt from less than a foot, maybe over 100 Gs impulse.

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