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    GWPxLab bitch

    After much soul searching about what to do with the dogs when we go to the Falkland Islands I thought I would see if I could find the youngest a suitable home over here as in all likelihood she will not get any work out there which would seem a shame. Really mixed feelings as she is part of the family and so tempted to take her with us so it would have to be the right home that she went to.
    Anyway Thistle is 2 years 4 month GWP x Lab (trudvang lines x drakshead lines) She was bred by a grouse keeper who bred the litter for him and his underkeeper to keep a couple. Having only had labs before she is definitely a bit different. She is still maturing but has done a little beating/ picking up right at the at the end of last season and rough shooting/ coming out with me and the HMR over the summer. I have also done some very basic trails with roe slots/blood which she will track with enthusiasm but nothing serious.
    She lives in a kennel outside with the old lab and gets on fine with the other dogs though is quite boisterous and very puppy like at times. She is fine with my kids and has been allowed into the house as far as the kitchen and during cold spells has slept in the house and is clean but has a habit of nicking anything edible in reach.
    If you think you could fancy taking her on as a companion drop me pm and we can discuss it further. Not interested in selling her just finding her a home that will give her a good life with a bit of work.

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