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Thread: Remington 17HMR

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    Remington 17HMR

    probably been covered before just a warning was down the range today and there was a guy with a 17HMR rimfire on the next bench he had a miss fire which left the bullet stuck in the barrel. the cartridge had been struck but had not ignited the powder. Remington ammunition the guy was very distressed with what had happened so be warned.

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    Remington is made at the same plant as Hornady/CCI etal so it suffers the same well publicized (and largely ignored by new firearm purchasers) malady as these others.~Muir

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    If you'd like a graphic example of what happens with a .17hmr with shoddy ammo.
    Thankfully no injury.

    As you can see in pic2 the case head let go completely. This was on a clear barrel, blew the mag out and destroyed the stock.
    had it been someone shooting LSR style it would be bad.
    Frankly I think anyone who buys an HMR needs their head checked

    Click image for larger version. 

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    One of the reasons ( among a few) I got rid of my 17hmr was because of splitting cases and crappy ammo...

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