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Thread: Harkila wellies

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    Harkila wellies

    Decided on a change on the wellie front and got a pair of Harkila foresters yesterday.

    Don't know what they'll last like, but very impressed with the fit and comfort of them so far. Good sole and a lot more support than Le Chameau.

    Anybody else had a pair?

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    I'm on my second pair having to take the first back after the started leaking and the zip sticking failed.

    Montrose Guns were unwilling to provide a refund due to the wellies being short of a year old but the new ones are so far so good.

    Nice and warm and very comfortable ��



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    I found them great wellies for a little while until the stitching on the zip came away on both boots 4 months old!
    Contacted Uttings where I bought them from they said return them for inspection, a week later they contacted me if I wanted my money back or new boots. Got another pair sent I thought fine surely that will be it now! 3 months down the line split along the toe left boot.
    Sent back another pair got new ones in return fine I said fair play to Uttings another 5 months down the line split along the toe where it creases while walking this time the right boot!
    Contacted Uttings again and they asked if I wanted a refund and I said yes. The boots were well looked after cleaned and treated regular.
    Fair play to Uttings no quibbles at all

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    A man we were stalking with had his heels ripped to shreds by a bloody awful seam down the back. I didn't wear them but they felt rough. I think that pair were unfit for purpose. Aye the kept the water out, but they kept the blood in!!!!

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    Harkila wellies

    I've had bad experiences like the above with other Harkila products since, such that I wouldn't buy again, but my Foresters are still pristine after what I think is a couple of winters of daily use. Extremely warm and comfortable, as well as completely waterproof so far, touch wood.
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    Had Harkila and Seeland wellies both were great for a few months but soon leaked. Never again

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    I did look at Harkilla's when choosing a new boot & I have other stuff of theirs that I like but I ended up with Le Chameau which I wear at every opportunity (even to walk out to the garage when it's raining), quite glad now reading the feedback on the Harkilla's but I wouldn't imagine every pair have problems.

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    I've just bought some Arxus wellies after hearing a lot of good things about them, impressed by the quality and fit so far and I suspect will last me well

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    mine last 3 months, then split on both boots along the top of the toe area,

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    Quote Originally Posted by traveler View Post
    Decided on a change on the wellie front
    If you buy these or the even worse Seelands use a boot jack and carefully to take your boots off. If you do toe-to-heel like we all do they'll very soon split on the heel seam.

    All the best,

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