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Thread: comb raiser kit hardware

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    comb raiser kit hardware

    hi all .
    now that a good gent from this site has sold me a std brno mod 2e stock for my project all I need now is the hardware cut it and make it an adjustable comb stock
    so does any one have a kit going for sale

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    There's always some advertised on e bay......

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    Try these, great company and prices, the owner is a gent. Takes about a week for goods to arrive.

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    now sorted I bought some ally bar and a very good friend whos ok with the lathe has made me some to the measurements I made up from ones I,ve seen on line .
    they are not adjustable from side to side but will do the job I want and will be height adjustable

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    Hi Hodge

    I know you are sorted now. I took the same approach and made some up.

    Gives between 0 and an inch of lift and up to 8mm side to side. I just slotted the base and put a floating nut underneath

    Turned in Titanium and heat anodised to take the silver glare off.

    Sorry, cant post pics, this is only my second post so the site wont let me.

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