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Thread: Zeis 7x42 binos for nv750

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    Zeis 7x42 binos for nv750

    I have a pair Of Zies 7x42 Binos with some very small marks on eye glass.
    They are very small scratches but do not seem to effect the performance one bit.
    Moved up to Leica Giovids wirh RF and BC so these have to go.
    They have been used for stalking for last four years and rubber coating has signs of this.
    Please beaware they are not "mint" they have had some use.
    But all that said they still are very clear and at end of the day they gather the light I would say better than the Leica (only in my opinion)

    Will do straight swap for Pulsar night vision scope nv750 if you have nv 550 I have one so please note I am after the nv750 NOT the nv550 Thanks.
    Prefer Nv750 with extra laser and doubler of course so the best one offered gets the Binos...think they are around 1200 new.

    Thanks for looking...
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