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Thread: Vit N160 and N560 for swap

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    Vit N160 and N560 for swap

    I have two tubs of Vit powder that my rifles don't get on with, so would like to swap for more suitable Vit powders. Both have been bought from new, opened and then resealed and stored in a dry environment.

    N160 NIW GONE

    There's 881g of N560 (~9/10 of a tub), and I'd like to swap for similar quantities of N120, N130, N133, N140, N150 or N550. Cash adjustment either way.
    If no takers for a Vit swap, then will consider WHY consumables for 223/260/6.5x55/308.
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    If you decide to sell the N160 mate I'll take it off your hands, haven't really got anything you're after swap wise now, you've had what I had spare!!

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    Have sent you a an FB message.

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    N160 now gone, N560 still available.

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