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    Al Jazeera

    Just watching an in depth reportage on gun ownership in Switzerland, very interesting that they are third in line in total guns per person after the USA and Yemen, a couple of items on groups trying to dispose of the right to bear arms, claiming the fact that they are no longer under threat from outside forces, other than terrorists such as ISIS, very cool calm & collected from both sides.
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    Thank you for your post which brings two points to light. Firstly Switzerland's calm response but also Aljazeera. Spending most of my time in the region (Middle East that is) I have to acknowledge the Al Jazeera Media Network, in spite of being funded by the ruling family of Qatar usually offers more balanced news reports than the BBC and others (CNN for example)


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    I watch Al Jazeera and also RT. I think between them I can get perhaps a sense of what is actually going on in the world. Never thought I would say that but it happens to be true for me anyway.

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    Agree 762Scot. There is a vast difference of what is reported in the Press regarding the situation in Ukraine compared to the western reports. For example the Ukrainian police minister is asking people to who know of any Russian troops in Syria to report them so they can publish the addresses of them for ISIS to attack in Russia. That's right he said it on a national broadcast.

    The only way to get balance is to check out the other news sources.
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    My brother is in Qatar and been so for past couple of years after working in London for 8-9 years and he said that it's unbelievable the way the British Media are so hung up on everything westminster and the whole stories are not being told about anywhere elsewhere worldwide. It's as if we are all being spoon fed just what the british govmnt allow the media think and that the stories (jackanory) is acceptable to the people and Not Fully What Is Really Going ON. So anything that gives the Bigger Picture of lifestyles etc etc Can Only Be A Good Thing.

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    Problems are if you aren't bi-lingual and just get your information spoon fed by mainstream media.
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    I would echo most views. I watch AJ and read other news media, having simply relied on the BBC before. The change in my 'world view' as a result, is positive and helpful.

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    AJ for the true news?

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    Quote Originally Posted by old man View Post
    AJ for the true news?
    old man

    True news is an oxymoron.

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