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Thread: African Trip 2009

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    African Trip 2009

    For those of you not aware this started on a thread on the wild boar section believe it or not!
    sp4rkman has contacts in South Africa that may make a hunting trip to this beautiful country a reality in 2009 and he has kindly offered to act on our behalf (correct me if I'm wrong sp4rkman). Could all those interested please post so we can get an idea of numbers. We can argue about details as and when.
    Happy Easter

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    Hi Mack,
    put me on your "interested list" please,

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    I would love to afford this but sadly no way, please put me on the "green with envy" list

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    Re: wish

    Quote Originally Posted by swampy
    I would love to afford this but sadly no way, please put me on the "green with envy" list
    I might be asking to join that list too! Let's get an idea of cost first though.

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    mina hlala worcestershire

    hlala kahle


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    thanks mack
    but i am afriad i would not be able to think about a trip in 2009 as i am hoping be part of a trip on boar stalking early 2009 as this is already in the pipe line so money would be a problem
    thanks for thinking about me
    kind regards

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    Definitely interested - always wanted to - but depending on cost sadly (just bought a new molehill).

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    I'm going to put together a detailed breakdown of cost but i'd like to add that this trip was cost at absolute maximum 2k - probably closer to 1 - 1.5k. this will include everything, including flights, accomodation, food, booze, game and all else in between. If you're thinking of joining us then i'd budget on this.

    Is this what people had in mind or where they expected more or less?

    I'm just trying to gauge what people are expecting to pay

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    Hi Mack,
    Put me on ther list of interested please
    kind regards,

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