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Thread: .338 Lapmag & .50BMG brass

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    .338 Lapmag & .50BMG brass

    Does any one know what the going rate is for .338 Lapmag & .50BMG brass is please (per 100) - once fired

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adymorris View Post
    Does any one know what the going rate is for .338 Lapmag & .50BMG brass is please (per 100) - once fired
    ar you selling

    Not after a batch but will be interested in a couple of each for some projects can be shot out as i only want he head end

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    No idea on .5 brass, but I can get Lapua .338LM brass new at 2 a case and paid less than half of that for some once fired Lapua brass.

    Try UKV The Place For Precision Rifle Enthusiasts for a more informed response, plenty big cal users present, including an organiser of FCSA.
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    Thanks for the info lads, yeah I have a few hundred of each, various brands

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    Milsurp once fired .50 is worth pennies, you will get more from collectors etc than shooters, we just don't buy the milsurp brass.
    If the 338lm brass is ruag with T on it then you will struggle to give it away!

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