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Thread: Fallow Rut

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    Fallow Rut

    Any signs or sounds of the Fallow rut ? I was out in the woods yesterday , there was a few bucks and prickets moving around . I found scrapes around the rutting stands. The rut normally starts on or around on the 22nd , with the cold snap forecast for this week it may start early ?


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    Just got in having been on the ground since 0630, no sounds coming from the bucks yet. A beautiful morning to be out though, sunrise was stunning.

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    The prickets have started to be a bit more playful the last week or so. The odd call here and there from the big boys but nothing really on the go here yet.
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    In full swing here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Munty1 View Post
    In full swing here.
    And in Devon

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    Quote Originally Posted by devon deer stalker View Post
    And in Devon
    I haven't heard one grunt yet, wasn't out this morning though and it's probably coldest morning we've had.

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    Lot of noise Saturday evening, in full swing.

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    3/4 bucks grunting away the other evening and all the usual rutting stands have fresh scrapes, etc. I shot a buck and his stomach contents was empty and smelt very 'rutty'.

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    Evening chaps, rut has just started here in Sussex, although it seems to be only the very mature bucks that are calling. Yesterday evening after setting my my trail cams I sat up and called, within 5 minutes a sorrel showed up to see what was going on but wasn't calling and was on its own. 45 minutes later after calling some more and clattering some old antlers together I had two prickets come charging out into the chestnut clearing I was in. Then finally saw what I would imagine to be a three/four year old Buck showed up after I'd called a bit more. It was the first rut in 17 years that I've done this with a buck call and antlers and I wish I'd discovered it sooner!

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    Hi Alex ,what call have you got out of interest ?
    Cheers tom

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