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Thread: 204 brass options!

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    204 brass options!

    What does people find best quality brass for 204. Currently about to purchase new brass but undecided on make. Cheers

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    I have only been able to get Hornaday to date, but it is fine once FL resized, trimmed to length etc...

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    See my post re the quality of brand new Hornady brass i would give Nosler a go if I was you.


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    Have some hornady on way! Hopefully ill get a gd batch! Iv only used winchester in the 204 in the past. Good case prep and its served me well. Can only hope that lapua bring 204 brass out in future

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    Hornady brass arrived yesterday. Had a quick look at one box of 50 last night. Upto now all seams good very even in length 2thou of variable. (1.839-1.841) primer pockets seam fine, Havint uniformed them yet but will just incase. Annealed and expanded ready to be neck turned weekend.

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    I managed to find 300 Norma when I loaded for the 204. Was great quality as Norma brass seems to be, not cheap tho!

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    I have 1000 pieces of Norma 204 brass on the shelf. It is not cheap at 90 per 100 but the quality is superb !!!!. We have noticed that the quality of Lapua brass is slipping over recent months so for our custom loads we are switching over to Norma. Yours respectfully Mike Norris Brock and Norris Custom Rifles

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