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    Samba Stalker

    G'day all,

    Having just joined your community I would like to say hello and introduce myself. I am from Melbourne in Australia, Have been stalking Samba for a couple of years now, so I am very much still an apprentice, lots to learn. Which is one of the reasons I have joined you.

    Perhaps we can learn from each other, as I am sure the art of stalking is something that would have great similarites, whether we stalk Samba or other types of Deer.

    look forward to chatting more in the future, until then cheers.

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    G'day samba stalker,welcome to the site


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    Hi Samba,

    Welcome to the site, had a few days down your way after Sambar and Hog deer a few years ago, didn't get any but enjoyed the area and the experience. Hope you pick up some useful tips and contribute a few yourself. Noboby knows everything and we can all learn from other people.

    What calibre do you use and what type of country are you hunting?


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    Hi samba stalker, I spent a while chasing sambar around victoria a few years back around mansfield near the bluff hut somewhere I think! Where do you hunt?

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