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Thread: 2 X level stalks needed in a hurry!

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    2 X level stalks needed in a hurry!

    Long story short, but I've got the opportunity of some ground and I need level 2. I've got the portfolio, have one stalk in the book but for various reasons (lack of deer on outings, being let down by AWs etc) have failed to get anything else in there.

    Is anyone in a position to help me out over the next couple of weeks? Happy to pay my way but ideally on hinds / does to keep costs manageable. I really need to get my portfolio submitted by end of October so that means it's going to have to be north of the border - ideally southern Scotland as I'd be travelling from Manchester area.

    I know it's a long shot, but I'd be hugely grateful if anyone could help me.

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    Try Johnathan at liddlesdale he may be able to fit you in but no one can guarantee getting the deer unless it is on a deer park.

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    Try Joe Philip on here he has a thread on here and fabulous ground in sw scotland

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    There was a chap on here the other advertising a dmq level 2 for 410 all in, which I thought was an excellent price, he was in Lothian I think, why don't you look in the adverts and contact him,
    Cheers Matt

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    Try IanF on here. One of the good guys.


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    Many thanks for the replies and PMs. I contacted a few on here, some more helpful than others! Hopefully sorted now - will post up how I get on!

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    If you wanted to travel a few hours south of Berks I'm sure I could help.
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    Could try muntjac? Might get someone nearer to home.

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