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Thread: New Sporting Rifle tracking directory

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    New Sporting Rifle tracking directory

    Have you seen in this month's issue of Sporting Rifle that they are launching a new tracking directory which will be printed in the magazine each month?

    I think it sounds like a good idea and is long overdue!

    Are you going to join?

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    Saw this a couple of days ago and in theory a good idea.
    I wonder how many stalkers will actually use this service as most seem to be very secretive people and maybe too proud to use someone else to find a poorly shot deer!! the other point was how do we actually decide on our dogs level of experience ?? Will we have every tom dick and harry with a new pup who wants to push it like a proud parent listed ?? I think so but hey its a start!
    Will I join ?? Probably

    ATB Steve

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    Quote Originally Posted by BMHpup View Post
    Have you seen in this month's issue of Sporting Rifle that they are launching a new tracking directory which will be printed in the magazine each month?

    I think it sounds like a good idea and is long overdue!

    Are you going to join?
    How come your first post is not an introduction but what could be considered a bit of a leg up for a shooting mag? It's a good job I am not suspicious

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Shame sporting rifle is involved, if it had been any other magazine I might have given it a bit more attention.



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    Dont see anyone putting their name to this my dog is to precious to me, and making it known to all and sundry might also leave you open to theft of a valuable dog!!

    And as JAYB has pointed out, no Introduction from you YET!! Please do so as is required when joining this site, otherwise your membership might be short lived.

    Thank you


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    Apologies. I did not realise that an introduction was a prerequisite of posting.

    A bit about me, well I started stalking about 2 years ago. I have my DSC level 1 and recently bought my first tracking dog, a Bavarian Mountain Hound.

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    You wouldn't happen to be Sporting Rifles new star journalist would you BMHpup? JC

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    She may well be!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bordersman View Post
    She may well be!!!
    Is that a fair cop and a hands up then?

    Maybe she/he can give us the info on what criteria and vetting procedure they are going to apply to those who decide to go on the list - or can I grab the nearest rescue Greyhound from Spain and run it on deer in a semi-legal fashion?

    I'm with Sikamalc on this, it's too open to abuse and potentially dangerous for bona-fide owners of trained tracking dogs.
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    Who needs a tracking dog when you guys can sniff out a hack?!

    I have just joined Sporting Rifle as managing editor after 3 years as news editor on Shooting Times. Please excuse the covert approach but I wanted non-biased views. There are lots of very experienced stalkers on this forum so thought that this would be the ideal place to canvas opinion.

    In the USA there is a similar directory. Monthly magazine Georgia Outdoor News lists dog handlers by county and provides the same information on their website. Sporting Rifle is hoping to do the same.

    In response to Bordersman: I would hope that stalkers might actually encourage those with inexperienced tracking dogs. As I have already mentioned, I have a young dog and would be thrilled to have the opportunity to use her on a live trail. Is it not important to support newbies?
    While Sporting Rifle does not accept any responsibility for the ability of the dog handler or dog itself, stalkers using people listed in the directory should discuss their competency beforehand. Personally, I would insist on discussing the stalker's expectations before I set out in search of his wounded deer. Conversely, if I called on the services of a dog handler listed in the directory and they turned out to be very inexperienced, I would still feel pleased that I was able to offer them the practice.

    In response to silkamalc: All directories could potentially be abused. But I would hope that the UK stalking fraternity could also get a lot of positive use out of it. If you are really worried, then my advice would be not to disclose where you live - only disclose the county. As a victim of dog theft myself, I know only too well how awful it is to lose a dog. But what's the point in having a tracking dog if it only works once in a blue moon?

    Thank you for the feedback – you have raised some interesting points
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