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Thread: .375 propellant options

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    .375 propellant options

    As a domestic UK hand loader, I'm now looking at a powder for the imminent purchase of a .375 H&H Magnum for the 'trip of a lifetime' to Big Game hunt. Aware of climatic, including temperature, variations between the UK and the African plains, and the effect on chamber pressures this has, does anyone have any guidance on a climate tolerant powder that is up to the mark and gives minimum pressure variations 1/ between those locales and 2/ between day vs. evening in Africa?
    I'm expecting to use a 300 gr head but haven't decide which profile yet (comments invited), though I am growing to like Nosler's range. Is this enough head weight, if not going for buff and if not, what weight would I need to go up to?
    I have QuickLOAD but there is nothing to substitute for the experience in the field.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi A1, After my first trip having listened to the guys in south africa the consesus was for 300 gr nosler partition with 64.2gr vit 140 and cci 250 large rifle magnum primers with a lite crimp into the canalure. this worked, still does, well in my brno 602/ cz 550, in 375 h&h i also crried some factoy 300 solids, just in case, the partitions did the job well and were not found to be wanting in any way.
    I only used the 375, and found it excelent with good penetration and wieght retetion, i am a great admirer of nosler partition and use them in my 243 and 308, thay cost a few pence more but the performance factor is well worth it.

    Dry Powder


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    Thanks, Barry Thom, and for the BRNO/CZ clarification on another string.
    Noted re 300 gr. and your propellant charge. I' reading 300 gr too for the 375.

    A slight digression from the string title but whilst I have your attention, I'm 'siezing the moment' .
    My ticket only has solids, thus far: a first step to facilitate acquiring the rifle calibre on the basis that I'll be getting 100% familiar with the rifle and cycling the bolt, quick time, before heading out. I hand load and am having some difficulty tracing a manufacturer, who offers and a dealer, who stocks a 300 gr solid head for load development purposes. Do you have any pointers to manufacturers or suppliers? Thanks in advance.

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    Hi A1. I used to get all my stuff from Henry Krank, lowtown, Pudsy and Tim Hannam, on the great north road, leeds. or you could try Midway UK.

    Hope this helps.

    Dry Powder.


    PS reloading solutions carry fmj - rn 300 gr hornady

    Hornady, 375 300g FMJ DGS 34.90 per 50


    The Sales Team

    Tim Hannam, Reloading Specialists.
    Peckfield Lodge,Great North Rd.,South Milford,Leeds,LS25 5LJ.UK
    Tel:01977-681639 Fax: 01977-684272
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