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Thread: Entertaining the elderly?

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    Entertaining the elderly?

    My wife and I have been asked to step in and help running regular Social Events for the elderly in the flats where we live. Apart from the usual Bingo Nights and Quiz Afternoons/Nights what sort of things would you suggest.
    There are around 30(ish) residents with an average age of around 75 - 80. Some of them have varying degrees of mobility problems, and (Unfortunately) a few of the more elderly ones have almost convinced themselves that they are too old to try anything new (They can be a little "set in their ways")
    We have a large and comfortable (Recently redecorated and refurnished) "Residents Lounge" with a Communal Kitchen at our disposal as well as some funds to buy equipment (To within reason)
    Ideas I am really looking for are things that will ideally be activities that encourage them to try to get a little more mobile (In both body and mind) and give them something to look forward to while spending time with each other - And of course encouraging them to have a good old laugh!
    Any thoughts or suggestions please?

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    Rabbit skinning, sausage and burger making

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    Yes cooking demo maybe venison of some sort, kebabs they cook quick quaffed down with some wine then a good sing song When theyre all squiffy !

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    mums place does this,they also have tea n toast mornings to chat over a cuppa and keep in touch.theres mild exercise class once a month,every 3months they invite a market trader along handbags makeup,gifts etc.they have a dinner in the meeting room once a week and help cook ,wash up and clean up.theyl have party nights with a DJ suited to their age group every 6months and often go out as a group to garden centres ,local places of interest using council subsidised minibuses.have a word with the council,social services and theyre also involved with the local Lions and Rotary club who arrange trips n treats atb
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    Seen a program lately where they had the residents of an old folks home , playing with a Nintendo wii.
    The tennis the golf , movement nothing to strenuous and hand to eye co-ordination,
    Also had equipment that looked like just the pedal section of cycling machine , so they could sit in their chair but still cycle , wee bit of cardio.
    Generally it seems to go down rather well with resident.

    Fly tying for those with better eyes and dexterity?


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    Good on you both for that. Provided we live long enough we will all be old one day. When (if) I get to that stage I sincerely hope there is someone like you and Mrs FrenchieBoy who will care to get involved

    How about a talent night? I am sure at that age many will have some sort of talent they could show off. They have no need to be shy and anyway I presume they know each other well enough.

    There may well be musicians, conjurers, stand-up types, tap-dancers etc. amongst them. Possibly a few risqué raconteurs. Just 'cause they are old don't mean they have nothing to bring to the party. They might just be waiting for the curtain call.

    Anyway. Just a thought.


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