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Thread: shoot placement

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    shoot placement

    Hi there, Last week I shoot a nice red stag with a hart lung shot on examination I could not find any exit wound. Today I was skinning deer and to my amazement fond the perfectly mushroomed round embedded in the inside of its back left leg. Has anyone any experience like this?.

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    More common than you would think

    found one under the skin by the nape of a stags neck....shot in chest!

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    I shot a Roe Buck this year, found the bullet just under the skin next to his rib cage. I have it with underneath his good looking head on my wall. makes me smile when I look at it!

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    What calibres are you guys using? I got the same on a fallow sorrel using my .308 with Norma 150 grain BST's.


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    Hi Alex, using 308 . Winchester power-point 150 grain this is the first deer I have shot using this round I would normally use power shok 160 grain. But finding them extremely hard to get.

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    There you have it, 308 no good for red deer, but on a serious note, I have had the same thing happen

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    There's not necessarily anything wrong with your shot placement. Once a bullet strikes an animal, all bets are off as to what direction it will take; they can and do take some wierd paths through. I've had bullets track the back bone, track the breast bone, and some that seem to turn corners inside the animal. Usually happens if the bullet just touches the edge of a bone. And I've had it happen with all three calibres I use, .243, .308, & .303.
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    I agree totally with Harry Mac. Using .308 150gr I shot a munty through the neck, in and out but he was turning to his right very slightly. the exiting bullet appeared to have nicked his right haunch. Upon skinning I found the round had entered the haunch and smashed the femur in both legs! The round must have turned about 90 degrees after hitting the rear right leg. Ruined the haunches........ bummer!

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    I shot a Fallow buck a few days ago through the shoulders with my .270 and recovered the bullet just under the skin on the opposite side. I was using 150gr SST's. It seems to be a common occurrence with these bullets on large Fallow bucks, but they never go far.

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    Had a 100 gr Nos BT in .25-06 ping off at right angles once inside the beast on a number of occasions...again the likelihood is it hit something hard n the way through. Heavy and slow is the way forward! ;-)

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