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Thread: Lung Worms ?

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    Lung Worms ?

    Hi all i shot this Roe buck on 30 April 2010 in Yorkshire. He was in very poor condition with a heavy infestation of lice, All lymph glands looked fine. I am sending samples of to defra can anyone help identify the lumps on the lungs ?

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    Not that easy to see, but looks like Pneumonia to me , see it regularly in sheep/cattle/pigs . This looks like the early stage (grey hepatisation ) ,

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    Thank you for your reply Cumbrian, you was right. I Took it to my local abattoirs and asked the meat inspector to have a look. Early stages of Pneumonia. You was spot on.

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    Glad I havent lost my touch , I am also a Meat Inspector
    Regards Brian

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