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Thread: miroku id help

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    miroku id help

    Attachment 62136Attachment 62135Attachment 62134Hi.

    I am looking for some help identifying my late fathers miroku 12 bore. It has twenty six inch barrels and skeet chokes. As far as I can work out it was proofed in 1976 (AB in a circle). But the only guns I can find on line with similar engraving on the action is a model 600. Also dies anyone know what the top stamp is. It looks like a broken clay.

    Thanks for your time

    Regards Pete
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    Hi I would say it's a Miroku 800 skeet gun ��
    Well made guns but struggle to get parts for them now

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    Good guns. Last for ever. Might it be the "Ore" model? I seem to recall having a similar trap gun around that time.

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    Thanks for the replies. I'm not sure but I think the 800 model were about the right time frame for the proof marks. Also did the ore have a raised comb. It certainly is well made which is probably why my dad went for it. He bought it second hand about eight years ago as the family clubbed together and gave him money for his sixtieth to replace his old hammer gun which was far more scary for the person firing it than for whatever it was being pointed at.
    Apart from a few shallow knocks in the wood it looks brand new and the chequering is still sharp. There is no wear to the bluing at the muzzle so I can't imagine it has been used much and when you open it you still have to help break the gun to get the bottom cartridge to eject

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