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Thread: Schmidt & Bender 8X56

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    Schmidt & Bender 8X56

    I have for sale my S&B 8X56 Klassik. The scope is in excellent condition and comes boxed with papers. There is one tiny mark on the underside, as shown in one of the photos. The lenses are perfect and the scope is optically excellent. These scope are fabulous at dawn, dusk and under the lamp: I used it for foxing before turning to night vision. Of course, in daylight the optics are fabulous, too!

    360 posted insured. Payment by BACS, cleared personal cheque or cash, please. I am in the Ascot area if anyone wants to have a look through the the scope or collect it.

    Many thanks,


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    You can buy them new for 450!

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    Ok. What would you suggest is a FAIR price? I've seen others advertised on this forum all around the 400 mark.

    It's a No 7 reticle and a 30mm tube, by the way.
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    You're going to struggle to sell it for more than about 285 - they've just been discontinued, and all the shops are offloading them at knock down prices.

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    475 at the Sportsman and 499 at Uttings, so my scope still represents a saving. 285 sounds a little TOO discounted! If anyone wants this scope, I'm sure we can sort something out.

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    Didn't think you were supposed to hassle posts of this nature ! If the guy wants 400 for it fine you don't have to buy it ! I've got a 6x42 for sale if it don't go I'm not going to give it away another rifle is bound to come along needing a quality scope .
    good luck with your sale Dom
    Ps look at the threads in the similar threads section they didn't get hassled
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    I own one of these and 400 seems fair

    good luck with the sale

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    Norma and Hulse, thank you for your kind words. I must admit, I did feel a little hassled, but my skin is thick!

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    just saying via pm would have been better manners surely and if the seller wants 410 then that's his decision , nice scope too

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