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Thread: DPD couriers, be warned

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    DPD couriers, be warned

    I meant to post this sooner, but forgot, but please be aware, if you call these useless fools, you get charged an extortionate amount for calling their 0845 number, and they aren't averse to sticking you on hold for long periods either.
    I learned this recently, when having changed the day of a delivery the item didn't come, so I called up to find out what was happening and it turned out they had cocked up, I then spent the best part of the next hour and a half being passed from one moron to the next and repeatedly being put on hold, at no point was it suggested that they could call me back.
    To my delight when my phone bill arrived, I had been charged over 40 for these calls!!

    To be fair to DPD, when confronted with a scanned copy of my phone bill and a fairly strongly worded email they refunded me the full amount, and actually rounded it up to 45, so, a heads up, if you find yourself in this situation, push for a full refund, and communicate in email with them, its free!!! (ironically, when complaining about the cost of the calls over email I was advised I needed to CALL their complaints line, which surprise surprise is another 0845 premium number....I declined and kept everything in writing over email).
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    To be fair to DPD, 0845 isn't premium rate. It's free from my BT landline. (but 25p per min from my mobile)

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    Yep - 0845 is local rate, not premium. Probably more expensive from a mobile though. DPD are pretty much the best courier out there, despite the poor experience the OP has had.

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    If in doubt about the price of a non-geographic number, then use the following site to find the underlying geographic number instead:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oh6 View Post
    If in doubt about the price of a non-geographic number, then use the following site to find the underlying geographic number instead:
    ...or change the 08 to 03 (which works in most cases) and it becomes free (inclusive) from mobiles?

    I've been using saynoto0870 for years. Brilliant site.
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    We're getting into 'calling plans' now which depend on who you're with.

    If you're on an Unlimited BT Call Plan then 0845 and 0345 are free..... 0870 remains a premium call rate. It's still used with '09' numbers on a lot of those mindlessly simple quizzes on daytime TV Ad breaks, plus any network charges.... but OFCOM have yet to nobble this scam.

    If you're using another BT Plan then 0845 is charged at Local Rate (which now is a helluva lot closer to the National Rate) so a couple of hours hanging on the line at local rate will run up a significant cost. Not DPD's fault really, so they've been decent in refunding this.

    AFAIK, neither 0345 (which is usually charged as 01 or 02 STD National Rate) or 0845 (definitely STD Local Rate) is free from a mobile, or an STD line on standard tariff. I think 0800 and 0808 'freefone' is now supposed to be free dialled from a mobile, but that's yet to happen. Some 'phones prefix these numbers with '03' so they count as part of your free minutes, should you have any left.......... but they are still chargeable if you don't.
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    It was actually 0844 if that makes any difference, but anyway, it wasn't really meant as a slagging off more an awareness of the fact that if you call the number from a mobile and get put on hold as I did, for a totally unacceptable amount of time then be prepared for the cost and be aware that they will refund you if you do......

    I still think its ridiculous, but hey. Not questioning their general place in the market or ability as a courier, just a heads up that their number costs big time if you aren't careful...
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    Sorry, but I think you're right that a reputable company should provide a cheap contact no. for customer queries. I only use a PAYG mobile for emergencies, that is if I can remember where I put it.

    0844 Found this with a bit of searching ...........

    0844 Numbers

    Service numbers

    All UK telephone numbers beginning with the digits 084 are service numbers charged at a special rate. Charges for calling these numbers include a service charge which is used to pay for the service being provided. Common uses for 0844 numbers and other service numbers include:

    Chargeable information and support lines
    Event ticket and travel booking services
    Conference call services
    Pre-sales information lines

    Tip: most reputable companies have stopped using 0844 numbers for customer services. If you plan to call a company on an 0844 number, check the details on the company's own website first. The 0844 number you have may be out-of-date or belong to a third-party call connection service and cost more to call than the real, current phone number.
    0844 number call costs

    The cost of calling 0844 numbers from landlines normally ranges from 7p to 17p per minute, while calls from mobiles are normally between 8p and 52p per minute.

    0844 number call charges are made up of two parts: a Service Charge of up to 7p per minute which benefits the organisation you are calling and an Access Charge set by your phone company.

    The Service Charge should be shown wherever an 0844 number is advertised. To find the specific total call cost, add this to your phone company's standard access charge.

    0844 number access charge

    While the Service Charge varies depending on which number you ring, Access Charges are set by your phone company and are the same for all 084, 087, 09 and 118 numbers.

    Companies are prohibited from using service numbers such as 0844 numbers for post-sales customer service lines.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    well that last line is a joke then, as their customer complaints number (which I was laughably advised to call is also an 0844 number....!! all their contact numbers are.) Glad I'm not totally alone in thinking its a bit crap of them!
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    At least you weren't dealing with Yodel !! Now they are a shower of ****

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