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Thread: Meopta Meopro vs. Meostar

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    Meopta Meopro vs. Meostar

    I am a firm believer in the quality of Meopta scopes. For me the Meostar is in the same league as the other European brands. Does anybody has both Meopro and Meostar and compared the low light performance.
    Would like a Meopro 6-18x50, mostly for use on the range on my 243, but wouldn't mind using the rifle on Roe.

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    I have used both while the meopro 6-18 x 50 is fantastic but the Meostar R2 2.5 -15 x 56 beats it and a lot of other high end scopes hands down. I proved this on Sunday with a mate who has a Swarovski z6 he could not see the roe through his scope but I could at last light.

    ATB Chris

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    A friend has a R2 and I think it is an excellent piece of glass. We we get out again we will compare it to my 56mm diavari to see what is what, I wouldn't be suprised if it is at least equall may be better. I think the illuminated central cross is spot on very fine, sadly the illuminated dot version is too big and needs halving in size to be of use for preciscion shooting aka the Zeiss dot of death.


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    I agree re the Dot - I only use it on lowest level because it's a biggish blob at last light. Optics are spot on - they compare well with anything Schmitty or Zeissy I've made a direct comparison with.

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    You wont go far wrong with the meopro compared mine to a swaro z5 3.5x18x44 kept the meopro thought it was better,plus i bought the meostar r2 excellent glass.

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    Meopro is pitched below meostar as far as I'm aware Looking at meopta sight

    I have a meopta meostar 3x12x56 illuminated dot and I love it , it's been compared alongside glass twice its price & negligible difference last light.

    Plus I've heard back up service is on par with big brand names


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    I know that the R1 and R2 are truly excellent and compare with the best scopes possible. Even if they are still a lower budget scope. The Meopro is the budget version of a "budget" brand, so it makes me a bit uncertain. That 6-18x50 would see most use on the range at distances from 100 to 400 m. 18x must give some detail at longer ranges.

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    Had a gander through a friends meopro 6-18x50 and was quite impressed so have one on order for my 243 varminter!
    I have a few meopta scopes in the stable in general I do not like the turret adjusters much but the 6-18 happily does not have this problem.
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