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Thread: Reloading: setting up the dies

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    Reloading: setting up the dies

    I'm trying to set up my .30-06 dies unfortunately I'm struggling to close the bolt on the rifle, where am I going wrong.
    I home load .243 and have for years and never had a problem.

    Thanks EF

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    bolt closing

    Hi Elmer,
    The brass you are using, is it new? do you full length resize then trim to length?

    are you getting the shell holder to touch the die?

    is it a new rifle that you have not loaded for before?

    I had the same problem with my remmy model 7 in 7mm08. in the end i had to shave the thinest sliver off the bottom of the die as the shoulder wasn't being pushed back properly. but be careful if you take too much off it will effect the head space and will make the rounds too short. so when you pull the trigger you might find the rifle misfires.

    to try to see if this is the problem try making a shim out of a slice of coke can , if you can fit this in your shell holder under the case and after pressing the case will chamber then this will be the problem.
    You might get away with a new shell holder or a better, target grade one.


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    Thanks swampy.

    I've tried a number of different things but to no avail. Basically ever question the answer is yes. New brass new rifle and a Remmy too, apart from old RCBS dies that i got off of eBay. I believe its the shoulders of the round that are not quite right. I'll try the shim idea and see how I get on.


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    Hi elmer,
    as it is a new rifle, i know it sounds daft have you tried a factory round, or have a smith check the chamber, new cases usually fit but need the the mouths of the cases chamfered, if you have a micrometer or some thing similar to measure the cases fired and sized etc you can work out if you need to buy some new dies possibly, using the shin idea will work but the dies should work without the need for trimming, one thing is did you fire the cases in your new rifle? as reloading them should be able to neck resized, so full length shouldn't be needed


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    full length

    Guys, you should always full length resize then trim then chamfer new brass. then it can be neck sized only after fire forming. the shoulder is the thing that headspaces the cartridge not the neck.
    maybe you could put some marker pen on the shoulder and chamber it. i found a bright ring on the shoulder showing that the shoulder was the issue.


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    i always full length sized my brass, but the last few batches from lapua(223,243,308) only needed to be deburred the length and sizing seemed ok, but if in doubt always full length size as it should return them to the correct size, i guess it depends on the level of skill/experience that the individual has as to what we do, not to easy though to solve without seeing the rifle/ ammuntion though, iunderstand what you done with your die, using it as a bump die, which is more charteristic when the case is necked a few times only,hopefully elmer can try your suggestion unless he knows someone locally with a set of dies he could try.


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    new brass

    I imagine with quality brass the problems will be less. The only new brass i have used has been remmy and it was quite rough. i had to size that straight away.


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    The brass was given to me so not fire formed in my rifle. The rifle fires well with factory ammo so the alarm bells about the rifle arn't ringing just yet... Although I've not tried to reload since my earlier post. I tried doing some research and got a little more information from "you tube, reloading"

    The problem for me is that someone very much in the know set up my .243 dies and gave me some basic information to reload safely, unfortunately I've lost contact with him

    Personally, I think I have to invest in some detailed reloading books or buy a reloading dvd from eBay. Luckily for me Reloading Solutions is only a few miles from me I know they will be able to point me in the right direction.

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    Am I right in thinking that you are reloading without having read at least one manual? I expect I have misread this, but if not get yourself a manual and read it and when you have read it again. You say that you had a friend who was experienced in reloading and set your dies up for you with your 243. I take it you set your dies up yourself for the 30.06, the ones you got off e-bay. I am beginning to suspect that we may have a bit of operator error here, have you looked here it will give you step by step instructions on how to use their equipment. If that does not work then question number1 here, relates to your problem. I take it you have tried the empty cases to see if they chamber?

    It could be, as everything else is new, that the e-bay dies are the weak link in the chain. If not and you cure the problem, then we all stand to learn something new, which can't be bad news.

    Keep us informed


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    Guilty Hands up

    I dont have any dedicated reloading manuals. All I have is Manufacturers booklets i.e. showing powders / maximum loads / bullet brand /weight etc. with only limited reloading advice at the front of the booklet.

    The dies were set up by someone else. I then worked out a load that my rifle liked i.e.33grn's of Hodgdon H4895 using 100grain Speer BT
    since then I've stuck with this load for years and had some real success with it.

    Yes, the empty .30-06 cases fit in the rifle and the bolt will close.
    Just looking at RCBS website link now.

    Thank you

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