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Thread: New Docter v6 scopes

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    New Docter v6 scopes


    I'm wondering if anyone has any experiences of the new Docter v6 range of scopes? Specifically the 2.5-15x56, on paper it's a rival for the Swarovski z6i, at a considerable cost saving obviously. Parallax adjustment, reasonably fine crosshair with illuminated centre dot.

    I already have a Docter 3-12x56 Classic, and find it superb, only negative is the crosshair is a little too thick, and it's not illuminated.

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    Looked at 50mm model at the shop and it was very good nice reticle, maybe a bit big illumination adjustment knob. Looks like good value for money.

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    Thanks for the feedback, I think it's a combined illumination and parallax adjustment on the left turret so that might explain it.

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