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Thread: 3 legged Roe

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    3 legged Roe

    I saw a roe buck whilst out lamping the other night which was limping very badly however due to the distance and varmint round in the 243 the shot was not on. I thought I might do more harm than good.
    I went back the following day (yesterday) and eventually came across it in the evening and there it was in the company of 2 does. I shot it and on inspection found that it had lost its left rear leg from the knee down however the stump had completely healed to the point where it was covered by its coat hair.
    It had a broken rib (see photo just above exit wound) which had not healed anywhere near as well and the lymp system was in good order. I will probably convert it into dog meat to be safe as if anything I was not happy with the state of the rib injury which was still quite messy.

    But it goes to show that given time most injuries will heal, I don't think it would have lasted the winter though.

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    Friend shot stag this week with me which when inspected had a broken lower leg which had healed, then on boiling the head, it also had a smattering of 6 shot in one eye socket........
    tough buggers.
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    If the lymph system was good, WHY would you feed it to the dogs?
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    I was just being cautious I guess but it still hung in the garage in a fly net. So might eat it yet.

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