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Thread: fingerprint entry cabinet and ammo safe

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    fingerprint entry cabinet and ammo safe

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    Fingerprint entry 16 gun cabinet also ammunition
    safe , lined inside also shelf 400 also fingerprint
    entry ammunition safe 180.00 will accept offers
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    Not sure of make sorry
    SLS-6 Biometric Gun Safe
    The SLS-6 Biometric Gun Cabinet.
    For up to 16 shotgun or rifles with a shelf for ammunition / cartrides.
    Fully police compliant with 5 point locking and biometric, finger print keyless lock.

    • Finger Print Gun Safe / Biometric Locking Gun Cabinet
    • 16 Gun Positions
    • Police Approved - Complying with BS7558:1992


    • Steel Construction with Fine Powder Coated Finish
    • Door Thickness: 2mm
    • Body Thickness: 2mm
    • External Dimensions: 500 x 405 x 1450mm
    • Internal Dimensions: 496 x 340 x 1446mm
    • Weight: 62kgs

    Locking details

    • Opening Handle with 5 Point Locking
    • Fingerprint / Biometric Lock with Recognition for up to 120 Different Fingerprints
    • 4 Alkaline AA Batteries
    • 2 emergency keys

    Packing : 400 x 175 x 1740mm Weight: 65kgs

    About Biometric Locks

    Biometric locks can be simply defined as locks that do not require keys for them to be unlocked but instead require a person identity. But the fingerprint lock is the most common as they can be programmed to accept different fingerprints of the individuals you trust. The opening mechanism of the lock determines how the lock is really biometric. The user can choose different types of locks to go with the biometric reader, we use deadbolts.
    Common uses of the Biometric lock
    Majority of these locks are used in homes and offices to prevent unauthorized access and burglary to such areas. Companies are going out of their way to secure their trade secrets by using biometric locks on their premises. All employees are required to register their biometric data into the system to allow the locks grant them access to the premises. The other major use of the biometric lock is on safes (gun cabinets) to make them extra secure and impregnable to anyone trying to access their contents.
    Benefits of using Biometric locks. First, it provides extra security to your house or safe thus giving you a peace of mind. Because they are very advanced and unique they are very secure and very hard to crack. Another added benefit of a biometric lock is that you do not have to keep looking for your keys every time you need to open your door. The stress of losing your keys is also avoided.( in the case of Gun cabinets preventing you losing your license if anybody was to access your cabinet unauthorised). Biometric locks are much easier and faster to use. Their user-friendliness makes it easy for anyone to use them. This is quite contrary to the key lock where people had a habit of copying keys in order to gain unauthorized entry. The biometric locks can be easily installed on all types of doors and can be integrated into one’s security system (gun cabinet). Biometric locks also have a battery back-up for use in case of power failure. This makes them reliable at all times.
    So what makes Bio-metric locks – a tough nut to crack?
    Biometric locks are a pain to lock crackers due to their unique locking mechanisms. For instance for a biometric fingerprint lock, the lock picker will have a hard time in overriding the fingerprint system since all fingerprints are unique and can’t be copied. Even if they have all the tools necessary for cracking the lock, without the fingerprint of the owner all the efforts will yield to nothing.
    Biometric locks are quite sturdy as they are built to provide extra security needs. The materials used in the making of the locks are durable and can withstand harsh environments such as extreme temperatures and forces. These qualities make it difficult for a potential thief to break into the lock and into your Gun cabinet. Many have tried to crack these locks but in the end give up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 09mutley05 View Post
    Who is it made by

    Atb Matt

    Barska, $650.

    Looks good but wy to far for me,

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    Won't you have to cut off your finger and send it to the new owner so they can open it?

    Have a bump ~
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