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    Has anyone ordered high seats through Cabelas?, ive just been toying with the idea as there are some savings to be made, even with the high postage.



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    I have heard of people doing it but no first hand experience CD remember to add the import duty and VAT aswell although by my reckoning, you will still save.

    Let us know how you get on.

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    Look in their bargin cave I bought a high seat from them 10 years ago and its still in service all in it cost me less then 54.

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    It's not that cheap when you had postage & vat in total 125.60.

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    If you order a high seat from USA make sure it is for use with rifles
    I ordered the one mentioned in the post above and the rest/rail is too low because it is meant for use by Bow hunters

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    Quote Originally Posted by cockerdog View Post
    Has anyone ordered high seats through Cabelas?, ive just been toying with the idea as there are some savings to be made, even with the high postage.
    I bought one when I was over in the US and then brought it back as a piece of checked in baggage. Didn't have to pay any duty or VAT.

    That said, I've used it once and it now sits in the garage loft, along with one of the more usual portable high seats. I find double seats more useful.


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    See my previous post but the exchange rates well out of date now.


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    When it comes to buying high seats (and i'm talking about good quality ones not Chinese monkey metal) then you are best going to your local engineering company (every farmer will know someone) and getting exactly what you want whilst also supporting the local economy. You may also find that some like stalking/venison/small pieces of purple folding paper ect which can help with the cost. There are enough people on here to help with dimentions if you are unsure of anything. In my opinion the critical measurement is from the surface of the seat to the top of the shooting rail; this should be 22 inches. I have found this to be the best compremise for all sizes and shapes of people and rising or falling ground. The only thing to watch out for with agricultural engineers is they tend to make things too strong, and therefore heavy, by adding braces everywhere and using box when angle would do. You can't blame them and they think they're doing you a favour but its something to watch out for. I have turned my back on wooden seats these days and I would also be very reluctant to have anymore single seats made, doubles are so much more versatile. Galvanised is good but properly primed and painted steel lasts well too. JC

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