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Thread: Zeiss conquest cap screw

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    Zeiss conquest cap screw

    Hi everyone, I brought a second hand zeiss conquest 6.5-20x50 with target turrets and after zeroing I managed to break one of the screws that holds the turret cap in place. Now I rang zeiss and they told me that my scope is apparantly an American import and because of this they wernt willing to supply me with an replacement screw :/ I'm all out of ideas and I can't find one anywhere. Is anybody able to help?

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    Foxshot, apologies for not having a simple concise answer for you but....
    As a Brit and not very good at complaining, I feel however that in this case you should!

    Zeiss are a premium name outfit and as such should have a commensurate level of customer service. I can't say I'd expect them to give you a replacement free but saying they're not willing to supply one at all based on its origin is outrageous. I don't care if it came via the rings of Saturn it's got their ****ing name on the side! How much can a replacement screw be???!!

    I think a snot-o-gramme should be inbound mate.

    (Soapbox replaces back in closet)

    Good luck.


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    Have you tried emailing Zeiss USA?

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    they gave me one a few years back with no issues,

    must be the vat rise or new staff/management

    a sad day when the cost of a screw puts the companies name in the RED.

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    Hi thanks for the replys, they said a replacement would be no problem if it wasn't an American import? Maybe I need to send a second email being a bit firm?

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    Maybe write/phone Meopta, as far as I know they built it.... and still build very similar under meopta name.
    I wrote to Meopta recently and they were very good in answering.

    ps at the IWA show in Germany I asked at the Zeiss Stand where the conquest scope range was.... I told them the 4.5-14x50 & 6.5-20x50 were the only scopes that I would want from the zeiss range.... and I really don't have time for their Euro range.

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    Contact Zeiss US they will send it free of charge

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