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    I was in the City yesterday and went to a ranch supply store to look at their reloading selection which is usually as good as one can find anywhere.
    At the back end of the firearms department they had a table full of "close-out" items which included a huge assortment of Leupold and Burris rings and bases. They had Leupold 30mm rings for a SAKO for $7 US. I bought a set of Leupold "quick change" rings and bases for my FN 30-06 for $20 total cost. They had Leupold bases for the 96 Swede for $7 a set. I bought two sets of SAKO, 11mm dovetail rings for $5 each. I was quietly going crazy yet few other people paid any attention to the display. Amazing.~Muir

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    You'd pass out if you saw what we had to pay for stuff like that in the UK!

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    Take the the UK price....multiply by two, thats whats we have to put up with in Ireland

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    We can but dream

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    Currently out in Houston, bought 100 Nosler 130gn BT and 50 270 Win Brass cases for $58. (38 pounds in our money)
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    You'd pass out if you saw what we need to pay for a Moderator!! ~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    You'd pass out if you saw what we need to pay for a Moderator!! ~Muir
    ah... a moderator is not more than an afternoon at the lathe.

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