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Thread: Going to try an NV project

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    Going to try an NV project

    Well here goes with using a grade A P8079HP 3-stage cascade tube as the basis to be used only for spotting.
    All the net talk seems to rate it very well also for astronomy but of course it is heavier as it came from a chieftan.

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    I met a bloke who had a gen 1 nv unit from a tank. It was heavy but really good image. So it should be good.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    I could put it on my .338 win mag with a bipod but just for looking through.

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    Well if you did put it on a rifle, I guess recoil wouldn't be an issue.

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