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Thread: T8 or Muzzle Brake?

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    T8 or Muzzle Brake?

    I am currently using a Parker Hale Safari in .270 calibre which have a T8 moderator fitted on. I am quite happy with except for the bulk and weight the T8 adds to the rifle leaving it feeling front heavy.
    I am soon (As soon as my variation gets back to me) having a Steyr Mannlicher model M (Again in .270 calibre) given to me (As a gift) which will be used mainly for park and farm deer culling and will replace the Parker Hale Safari. Noise isn't a problem for me (Or the people who I go culling with) but I would (Rather wimpishly) like to tame the recoil down a little and the T8 is again going to make the Steyr feel pretty front heavy. With this in mind what would peoples thoughts be on fitting a muzzle brake to tame the recoil down a little on the Steyr Mannlicher yet still leave it feeling fairly well balanced and not too bulky?
    I would welcome any thoughts on this idea.

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    Have a look at this.

    gives you an idea of what brakes are out there.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 243varmint View Post
    Have a look at this.

    gives you an idea of what brakes are out there.

    Thanks for that Jon. I did watch a few of that chaps videos, there was one where he compared a few muzzle brakes with a moderator (On the smae bench as he used in that video - Which I can't find on Youtube right at this minute) The difference was quite surprising between the moderator and the muzzle brake (The muzzle brake reduced the recoil quite a lot more than the moderator) and this is where I got the idea from.
    I have spoken to Dave Mercer (DM80 moderators) and he is willing to make a bespoke muzzle brake for me at a very reasonable price when I get the Mannlicher if I do opt for one.

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    There products got me thinking as well. I like the look of the T1. Nice and compact.

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    Found the video I was looking for and posted it below!
    The difference is quite surprising - The moderator made very little diffence in recoil on his 308 but the recoil reduction with the muzzle brake was quite surprising.
    It looks like it would really tame a big old boomer like a 308 or a 270, much more so than a moderator would!
    I would welcome your thoughts!
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    I've got a T3 lite in 30-06. It's got a jetz compact on the front. Don't get me wrong I like the mod. Just thinking about another option if going hill stalking etc.....

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    Does anyone know what the ones that appear to be leading in this quick test will do in terms of taming muzzle flip? Personally speaking I find that a bigger problem than recoil with my 270. I like to retain the sight picture but even with a T8 mod I can't do it with the 270. If one of these tamed the flip, it might be just the trick.

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    I run a brake and a mod on my 300wm
    brake is much better for weight and balance but the mod is more accurate
    brake does reduce recoil significantly but my mod is a pes/mae t12 which is quite heavy ana
    does a similar job

    what thread is your rifle?
    i have a brake you could try if you want

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    what thread is your rifle?
    i have a brake you could try if you want
    I think you're aiming this at the OP and I certainly don't want to hijack his thread, but if he doesn't take you up on your generous offer I'd be very interested to do so. My 270 is 1/2" UNF.

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