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Thread: Snipe

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    Out walking the dogs this evening they put up a snipe, lovely to see it fly, any one else seen any yet. Is it early for them? Cheers Dan

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    Saw a few in Argyll last week on the hill. A fine Black cock too. Lovely plumage.

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    I've seen a few here in Somerset. Not many though. Still very dry here too.

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    Saw one this morning.

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    some landed on shetland with the last moon ,and have now moved on ,this moon will proberly see a lot more fly in then olso move on it is November before they start to stay on the isles with us. The resident Snipe did manage to rear there broods some managed two , ,some years the thin worm holding ground dries out and even the marshy areas dry out making life hard for them and we often heard them drumming away well into july ,but this spring and early summer were very wet and must have helped them

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    Little too early for snipe round here, another month and it will be about the right time.


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    was out stalking last night and i couldnt belive how many were about i must have pushed a dozen or so up as i walked back to the car to be fair tho the ground i was walking through is extremly boggy almost sink over your wellies in some parts and with the surrounding areas still not that wet im sure what snipe are about home in onto it

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    Put about a dozen up last Saturday, and managed 2 for 4 shots. The marshy ground I walk over isn't very wet yet and we havn't had a decent cold snap either. The marsh on a friends pheasant shoot yielded about 30 for 7 shot on the same day.

    ATB Lee

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    We all but steped on 3 out foxing on Tuesday night, didn't see them but heard them, v v mild in the S West


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    Put 4 of them in the Teign Valley in Devon yesterday.

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