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Thread: Falling Block

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    Falling Block

    Has anyone used a rifle of this action type? I had a look at one recently & find the design interesting.

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    I've got the Ruger catalogue in front of me now, as I've spent the day been mulling over whether to buy a No.1 for woodland stalking. They are a real joy to shoot, although you may need to go through some steps to accurise the rifle (see for info). Personally, I love the look of the Ruger No.1, and it's simplicity. Also, as a left-hander, the No.1 is ambidextrous.

    Bruce Potts reviewed the No.1A in Shooting Times a few months back, and gave it the thumbs-up. My local RFD is very sniffy about falling-block rifles, on the grounds of saleability second-hand, and the usual issue of fore-end hangers.

    If you have the money, Dakota Arms make a stunning falling-block rifle too.

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    falling block

    Hi DL,
    I had a Ruger No1 in 270 for a few years, I bought it because i thought it was a good compromise for me as a couldn't get a left handed rifle second hand. by the time it had a scope on it was quite hard to load left handed as the receiver wall is slightly longer on the left hand side.
    Prone off a bipod it would shoot tiny 5 shot groups (15mm) but the point of impact would change depending on how hard the surface was that you were resting on. that said i loved it and it was supprising what a conversation maker it was lots of people had never handled one.
    if you are looking for a woodland stalking rifle that you will mainly shoot off sticks then the No1 is a lovely rifle, the action is incredibly strong and short so you can have a bit longer barrel for the same overall length.
    People will tell you that they have a long lock time and heavy trigger due to the hammer being heavy but this can be altered. A company called Wolf custom make lighter hammers and custon springs but you have to use a gunsmith that knows what he is doing as its not an easy job. a guy called Andy Dyke did mine and i was very pleased.
    I sold mine for 170 so i could get it off ticket to buy my 6.5 tikka but if a left hander hadn't come along i would still have it.
    Since its gone i have though about getting a falling block 22 Hornet and rebarreling it to .17 Ackley hornet just for something different.

    I hope all this helps, Ezzy

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    That's an interesting (and encouraging) verdict on the No.1. Had you had any work done on the fore-end hangar, or pressure-bedded the barrel?

    I happened across this article on the No.1, on

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    Hi baldrick,
    All that i had done to mine was a trigger job and threading/recrown and i replaced the hard ruger, recoil pad with a sorbathane one.
    a freind of mine who is a genius when it comes to rifles, told me to relive the area where the forend touches against the action (particularly the radiused bit) this did help with the problem of shooting of a bipod then off sticks. being realistic i would not worry to much about it. the problem was exagerated when i shot at the range, resting the bipod on a concrete bench and leaning in hard made it shoot 1.5" high but it was nowhere near as bad off grass and if you shot off sticks or made sure you had something inbetween the forend and whatever you were resting against (as you allways should). If i had never took it to the range to work up some loads for it i probably wouldn't have ever noticed. like i said before i if your a lefty i would try one with a scope on to see how you get on reloading it. its a bit awkward especially off hand (2 years ago i shot a doe and 2 calfs with mine, the stalker was 300M behind me and couldn't belive i'd reloaded it that quick.

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    I gather that lining the tip of the fore-end with a piece of rubber inner-tube is a popular strategy, as the compressed rubber gives a reliable bedding.

    I never found the reloading issue to be particularly bothersome. I do wonder why the No.1 has a higher wall on the left-hand side of the receiver. It can't have any structural benefit.

    I think I'm going to crack on an buy myself a No.1. It's a pity that the Yanks haven't yet produced the rifle in 6.5x55...

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    Just remembered i also had the safety catch altered a bit because i found if you ejected a case with the safety off the case would hit the top of the catch and bounce back in, only minor but anoying all the same. i think the receiver is taller on the left because of the ejector.

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    Ezzy,Baldrick, I'm glad these rifles have a following,I have just lapsed & ordered one that the local gunsmith is about to produce (by hand) I'm very optimistic with how it will shoot.
    I will post on here on how things come along. Danny

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    A photo of my Heym-Ruger. Have used it for over 30 years.

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