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Thread: ACPO FELWG Metting Minutes now available

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    ACPO FELWG Meeting Minutes now available

    For those who may have an interest in such things, the previously 'lost' minutes from ACPO FELWG meetings are now available online to download:
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    Jsut need to find the Letters that the committee and CC Marsh sent out at various times that where also on teh ACOP site with the mins

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    I have copies of maybe half a dozen of the letters Andy Marsh sent out, I did not publish them when I wrote the article on the FELWG minutes however I can email them out if needed.
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    Du lytter aldrig til de ord jeg siger. Du ser mig kun for det tųj jeg har paa ...


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    Well done for that.......excellent detective work.

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    Thank you for that and thanks to David for such an informative and interesting site!

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