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Thread: Shooting Day. Your chance to pull the trigger.

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    Shooting Day. Your chance to pull the trigger.

    We are going to run the second of our full bore field target shoots at Catton Hall ( home of the keepers fair). If you would like the chance to get out and try your skills and equipment over a course of 30+ image targets from distances of 40yds up to 350 yds then this is for you.
    It is run by like minded people who wish to give you the oppertunity to meet and shoot with like minded people and also to improve you skills at the same time and get some bullets on your FAC. Shoot from standing sitting leaning on a tree prone off sticks it all there for you to practise.
    the cost of the day is 15 per person shooting. All we ask is that you bring your FAC and check you are clear to shoot on other land as it is a private estate not a registerd range and that you carry some sort of shooting insurance BASC BDS etc.
    The last shoot was a great success and had loads of good feedback and the weather was kind. we also have a shoot booked in August but are awiting the final date and hope to run these every other month.
    places are limited for safety reasons and to give you lots of chance to practise so its first come basis.
    we run it as a non profit way with monies going towards rent for the day targets etc. If you have got a collection of shooting friends that would like to get together we may well be able to put on a day just for you.
    we normally start the day around 9.00am and finish for 4.00pm so lots of time. if you are travelling we can point you in the direction of b&bs hotels etc (pubs).
    if you want any more info please dont hesitate to PM or post me and I will get back to you asap. Regards Carl Higginson.

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    Sounds Great. However are you saying the ground is not cleared, so it's only for those with OPEN FAC's.

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    Which Catton Hall is it? google finds a few.

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    The ground is cleared for most types of cf only the big stuff .338 50 cal is not permitted. But if your FAC says you are only allowed on one piece of land then this may be an issue. The wording seems to Vary so much from each police force. if any one is not sure we will look in to it for you.

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    Home of the keepers fair Derbyshire not far from Burton on Trent the home of BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER

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    That's OK then. If you can PM details about booking etc that would be great.

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    Sounds like a plan, count me in.

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    im in. How do we pay? is it on the day or do we send a cheque?

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    All we need is a contact Name and number if you pm me I will put your name on the list I will then Ring you all just before the shoot to see if you are still able to come. If you can not come not a problem I no peoples lives change and we will try and find a replacement.
    no deposit needed just pay when you come, if the weather is c..p we do have a weather no pay situation in place so dont worry you will not be letting us down "much"

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    Still got a few more places available if anyones interested.

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