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Thread: Will i have problems?

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    I have my pre-renewal visit from the FEO this week and do any of you guys know how i should proceed? I have had my FAC for 10 years and SGC for 37 with a variation 3 years ago to go up from my .22.250 to a moderated .243 which was ONLY granted after i paid a whack of money for a syndicated FC lease... The FC have decided the three forests are not to be re-let due to human activities during the spring and summer. It is currently on my FAC but as i say i have no itemised deer ground on my OPEN certificate.
    I do however have five farms for foxing and the odd roe as i wish on two of them but no written documentation for deer. I have bid on five leases in the last year but only knows who got them. Do you reckon i will have problems regarding this?
    Many thanks....

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    Don't see why. You have the .243, are actively seeking additional ground and have a proven history of deer stalking. If a Basc member, you could mention the ability to book a week on Arran & Thetford or perhaps are considering booking a few days on an estate.

    If a member of the BDS, get that rifle along to the regular zeroing sessions to have it on record that you use it regular.

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    Round this way, if you had nothing in writing saying you had permission to shoot deer, or no booked days etc then you would struggle to get them to leave the deer condition on the rifle at renewal time, but that is our firearms department and they are all different.

    If it was me I would approach the two farms and see if you can get something in writing. If nothing else it is a good idea to have permission in writing these days anyway as you can be challenged at any time.

    I know it's difficult asking farmers because they are suspicious of signing things and there is always the worry that they could panic and say "oh it's not worth the bother" and I'm sure the police know it too!


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    When getting permissions to support Firearms certificate take the effort away from the farmer / landowner - ie prepare the letter and ask him to sign it. Lothian & Borders make it even easier as they have a standard form for permissions which you can use if you don't have letters.

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