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Thread: Thanks to you the SD

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    Thanks to you the SD

    Unfortunately, due to a number of circumstances (some good, some bad) we are returning back to NZ. I just wanted to say thanks to you, the SD, who have been a source of entertainment and good natured banter. You've helped me to 'scratch my hunting itch' through the forum. I'm sad I didn't get to shoot any UK deer but I've had some pretty special encounters out walking in my local woods with muntjac, roe, foxes and badgers.
    Thanks to the guys who invited me to their grounds - unfortunately time and the family budget didn't allow.
    @ willie_gunn special thanks to Dom for taking me out for a wander and the opportunity to try shooting off quad sticks. I reckon I'll be making a set when I get back - although they'll be for farmland use only because I won't be lugging them up our hills and through NZ forests!
    Thanks also go to Legolas for sorting me out with my "reyt cap".
    I'm looking forward to owning a rifle again - I've felt a little empty inside without one . Hopefully I'll actually be able to post in the "Articles & Write-ups" section in the near future.
    Anyway, here's a few of my favourite deer photos I've taken during my time here.

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    Good luck on your return journey.

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    Hi, Hope you and your family have a safe journey. Pity it did not work out. Please keep in touch with forum.

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    Haere ra, hope you can come back sometime.
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    safe trip back home,

    I wish my home was NZ id be happy to get out of this rat race here,

    regards to you and your family, safe trip and as said drop in and let us all know what is happening etc,


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    Thanks for the good wishes. Definitely mixed feelings leaving here. So much I love but looking forward to being back - and the arrival of another (surprise) child.

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    All the best for the future.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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